Get A-Head

Bringing a creative challenge this festive season into the homes of your colleagues artwork our incredible headboard pieces into a child's bed.

Why should you care?

This beautiful and original artwork has been divided into 10 jigsaw pieces. Each of your team members will be sent a piece to their home or office with all the artistic materials required.

The team will have to collaborate to ensure when the pieces come together they are consistent throughout. 

There are plenty of opportunities to freestyle, the important aspect is that the final assembled headboard will grace anyone's bedroom!

How can you get involved?

o3e Limited 2020

Tel. 03301137170

Some studies have estimated that there are 400,000 children going to sleep at night without a bed, even if this is only 10% accurate it would mean 40,000 children will have nowhere to hang their stocking!

The finished pieces are carefully assembled and combined with a bed frame and mattress before being installed in a child's bedroom in time for Christmas. 

What does it involve?

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