Charity Christmas Crackers

Create a perfect box of crackers for Charities in need this holiday season

So what's the issue?

Domestic Violence Peaks over Christmas your crackers could be filled with items to help people fleeing violent abuse.

How can we get involved!

o3e Limited 2020

Tel. 03301137170

How does this work?

As society is progressing to a sustainable future home made Christmas Decorations are very much in vogue, so now is a perfect time to get the team together learn the tricks of the trade and create your own crackers and some for Charities in need.

o3e will set up the online class, provide a Christmas Cracker Expert Elf and all the materials required to create 2-4 Christmas Crackers per participant. Also supplied will be an essential list of items for the participant to include in the crackers, these can be sustainably sourced by o3e or by your team.

Once completed the crackers are carefully packaged and sent back too3e for distribution. Charity Christmas Crackers can be made day or evening so a great opportunity to include it in an online party!

Homelessness is a constant problem, crackers can be filled with helpful items and vouchers.

o3e is trusted by World Class organisations determined to make a difference